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 - Dr. Goldberg - Hearing Aid Specialist - Hearing Aids Finding Affordable Solutions - Dr. Goldberg

Hearing Aids Finding Affordable Solutions

Finding the right hearing aid for severe hearing loss can be very challenging! Many Hearing Aid retailers make it difficult to compare different hearing aid models, making it difficult to ensure you will get the best sound clarity for you needs. Marketing material often obscures tangible performance measures with empty promises – and prices are often not a reflection of the actual performance of a hearing aid.

At Embrace Hearing, we are committed to delivering industry-leading hearing aids at affordable prices.  We are honest and upfront about the features and benefits of our aids while putting constant emphasis on product quality and service. We are confident that we can provide the quality hearing aids and Audiologist support to meet the needs of those that suffer from severe hearing loss.

What is Severe Hearing Loss? There are four levels of hearing loss – mild, moderate, severe, and profound. These degrees are based on how loud sound frequencies need to be for you to hear them. If you suffer from severe hearing loss, there will be sounds frequencies or pitches you will only hear at a loudness of 71 to 90 decibels. This will mean that you have difficulty following a conversation without wearing a hearing aid.

Can Hearing Aids Help with Severe Hearing Loss? Yes, but you’ll need to be discerning in the model you choose. While Embrace Hearing has had success fitting our high end In the Canal and Behind the Ear models for severe hearing loss, the best hearing aid option for the most severe loss will be a behind-the-ear (BTE) Hearing Aid. The design of a BTE model is less prone to feedback and there are features on the BTE models which are not available on the CiC models. When considering different options, here are the questions to ask:

Can this hearing aid deliver the power needed for severe hearing loss? Some hearing aid models will struggle with high levels of amplification and may result in annoying feedback, while failing to give you the clarity of hearing you need. Make sure the option you choose comes with closed and power dome options to help manage feedback. Ask if there will be an option to add custom molds for the receivers is needed.

Does this model have 20-24 Programmable Bands: To provide optimal voice clarity, the best hearing aid options will be custom programmed to provide the precise level of amplification you need at each frequency. Hearing amplifiers or PSAPs which uniformly amplify all sounds. Budget hearing aids might only have 6 or 8 programmable bands. Hearing loss tends to be greater in the higher frequencies which is why it harder to understand women and children in conversation. The more specifically an Audiologist can match sound amplification levels to an individual’s hearing loss, the better the clarity of speech from hearing aids.

What Software is included to Enhance Speech Clarity in Noisy Environments? Restaurants and other noisy environments are especially challenging to those with severe hearing loss. Look for hearing aids designed to automatically isolate and enhance the sound patterns of human speech helping wearers to follow conversations even in areas with a lot of background noise.

Does the model have multi-microphone support? Quality hearing aids have dual, directional microphones on each hearing aid to help you tell which direction a sound is coming from. These microphones pick up and translate sounds in different ways, providing a sound directionality akin to the directional hearing that people have naturally.

Does the hearing aid come with Bluetooth, a remote microphone, remote programming & Telecoil? These features can be especially helpful in treating severe hearing loss. Bluetooth allows direct connectivity of your smart phone or television to you hearing aids which can significantly enhance sound clarity. Some models offer Bluetooth companion remote microphones which can clarify speech of your companions, especially in noisy restaurants. Telecoils are available in some public spaces and theaters to direct sounds digitally to your hearing aid. Remote programming is a great convenience if you ever require a programming adjustment.

Can I buy hearing aids for Severe hearing loss Online? Yes! A few online retailers can save you thousands of dollars on high quality hearing aids made for severe hearing loss. Make sure you are dealing with a reliable retailer that offers the type of features mentioned above and provides 7 day a week access to a licensed Audiologist who will program your hearing aids and continue to work with you through the life of your aids. The hearing aids should come with a 3 Year warranty and a full money-back trial period. Look for models which can be re-programmed remotely so that any adjustments needed can happen in the comfort of your home.

Embrace Hearing X-950 for Severe Hearing Loss. Our X-950 is among the best hearing aids available anywhere and is an ideal solution for many patients suffering from severe hearing loss. With 20 programma  ble bands, our Audiologists can program the hearing aids specifically to your hearing test. Our aids adjust automatically to 7 sound environments and perform exceptionally well in noisy restaurants and rooms. Each aid has two directional microphones, sophisticated software to enhance sound clarity in noisy environments, Bluetooth connectivity which works with Apple and Android devices, and the ability for remote programming so that the aids can be adjusted in the comfort of your home.

 - Dr. Goldberg - Hearing Aid Specialist - Hearing Aids Finding Affordable Solutions - Dr. Goldberg

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